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  • Ironwill Launch Coming Fast!
    March 16, 2014
    Tuesday, March 18th, 5:00pm at Mike's Bike Shop (67 Englehart Dr.) Ironwill will be launching and presenting it'S first solo challenge!
    Come and join us!
  • Active At School & NB Government Get it right! What is our part to play?
    December 8, 2013
    New-Brunswick Government and Active at School (60 partners) announced about a week ago a great partnership to bring one hour of physical activity a day to our NB Schools.
    This partnership will go a long way into reversing the youth obesity epidemic that is running rampant in NB (excuse the pun)! 
    I applaud the initiative and support it completely. The governement is doing its part and so is big business/community organizations including Canadian Tire, Nike, Canada Soccer,...
  • Dear Sir Richard Branson (Holly & Sam),
    November 7, 2013
    Much like you, I believe in setting ‘’huge, apparently unachievable challenges that I try to rise above.’’ With that in mind, have I ever got an offer for you!
                  As a school teacher, I have 7 weeks of vacation time during the summer. After much heavy negotiations with my spouse, using tactics I rather not disclose here, I have been able to obtain these 7 weeks of vacation time for...
  • No Dress Rehearsal to life!
    A few years ago, I bent down to tie my shoe laces and I got up winded. This truly scared me. Scared me so much that when my fiancé at the time (now my wife), Nicole, asked if I would do the half-marathon running room clinic with her, I said yes. Throughout the next 4 years, I have dedicated myself to live a lifestyle of health & wellness. I have lost over 85 pounds but, more importantly I have realized...
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